A Rabbit Fable

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A rabbit wants to live in the land he had always dreamed of, but being rejected, finds himself in a disturbing swamp inhabited by bizarre creatures. A warped oneiric adventure. [ Use your mouse to move the character and explore. You can pick and combine objects. ]

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can i ask a question?does the background music is from “Camera Obscura-nico ” this song?i think they are similar
your game give me wonderful experience and the music is amazing
so please make more funny game thk~~!

ah。。can you understand my chinglish。。。。


Hi Aqua! I understand your Chinglish, hope you understand my Argenglish (or Spanglish...).

No, I didn't listened to that song before. Now I'm listening to it...has some similarities, some revolving brains...

I based the 'pit' song on a feeling of repetitive, insisting and frustrating feeling...and the composition that inspired me was from Makunouchi Bento, specially the first song of his 'Swimé' album: http://makunouchibento.bandcamp.com/album/swim

He has great music.

Hello Antipirina! We're glad our music inspired you. We like the game, and its music as well. You can contact us for future projects, if you want to use our music. Maybe even for custom-made tunes. ;)

i need a walkthrough for this game, it won't let me use the other ones

This game was awesome, i love weird stuff like this, it makes it interesting and enjoyable <3<3<3

is there anyways to download this game? the game doesn't show up in my computer while playing online...

No, you can't play it offline, but you can try loading this site with another browser or look it up on Newgrounds. Tell me if you still can't play.

nice blog

Hi Santiago ! really nice ! Weird enough ! I love it ! The story telling, animation, collages ... Nice universe

Thanks Charles! Nice games you do too!

thank you for this warm and kind game))))))))))from Russia

Thanks Tanya! It's been a long time that I've done this videogame, so I'm glad that people like you are still playing and liking it.

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