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Randrom Drawing

OK! another random drawing (I have a lot more...but I have to work in the game, not in random drawings)

Sill working on Earthly Delights: I'm finishing the animations of the first part, but still need some extra polishing after that.

Yes, I'm working.

I'm currently animating the characters, and synchronizing the sounds.

It took me up to now, 51 hours. Mostly from animation.

Each animation takes in between:

15 minutes (the ultra simple ones)


8 hours (the hyper dense ones)

1 hour 30 minutes Is the average.

Scripting Night


OK. I've been away for a long time... and I'm still going to be working in another client project for a while. I have very little time to continue with the first videogame, but I have promised me to live doing videogames. My own videogames.

Two new screenshots of my point and click adventure game!

The game now looks more like a point and click:

- I've worked on the Inventory, now it's fully functional: you can use objects, combine one each other, and a little tag that describes what you've selected.

Engine To-Do List

OK, I'm still working on the engine...part time because of a client project that it's going to last about a week more. So I'm very slow with this...It's very difficult to be in focus and regular.

Here is my engine's to-do list:

- Debug the transitions between screens (very ugly code that need some refactor).

Still programming the Adventure Engine

These are thing I didn't learn:

1. Don't start making an Engine for your first game. I did.

2. Don't make a big game. Well...it's a whole graphic adventure with ~12 screens.

Videogame project: What I learned up to now

This is my first reflection here about my experience of trying to complete an Indie videogame.

As I'm working on the first Antennaria's game, I found these points useful and I still need to learn about them:

This week's update

Needless to say, I didn't do everything I wanted for this week, so I need to break my promise of releasing the first 4 screens of the game.

This is what I have already:

- 4 backgrounds with the main character walking.

- All characters

- All sounds (need some extra recordings)

- Almost all programmed.

Update: Where was I?

I know, nobody's going to ask that question... in fact, nobody even knows who I am...

Well, I´m the man in the photograph, Antipirina, last Friday, at my graduation ceremony. I received my degree in Image and Sound Design from Universidad de Buenos Aires. In fact it's been 3 years
since my last exam, and bureaucracy is to blame.

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