our videogame's workshop

Final Character Approach (at least for now)

I think more surreal, simple and colorful characters works better. I like a lot this kind of beings, they tell much more...

I would like to find anyone of them in a picnic at the woods. I don't care if they eat my marmalade, I let them.

Looking for character styles...

It passed some time until I found the final character's style. These are the first steps trying to think how it would be...

But I didn't like them, very realistic, very human. Too much detailed never would worked in the game.

Some early backgrounds

The idea is: we take some photos and then we change them until they reach the sense of "place". It needs to be walkable by the character, it has to have places to go, and...the right kind of feeling. A lot of work.

Funny .com names

Name.com suggested some other names (similar to antennariagames.com) that we may have been interested in. They're really fantastic. Some surreal. Please don't buy ladystobaccogames.com as we're thinking to use it...

The beginning: our early utterly ugly web designs.

Then we waked up from the nightmare. As we've said with the logo, you need to take out the crap first to create something with value.

The beginning: Our final logo

Sometimes you may have to let flow your crap to start creating something good...

Here is our final logo (second thumbnail please...). As you see we based in nature, some magic and that kind of stuff.

We liked it and still do.

The beginning: Our first logo attempt

...many days looking for a logo but all discarded...

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