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King of Herbs: sketchbook vol. 1

I'm going to start posting all the sketches I'm creating for 'King of Herbs', in a series of 'sketchbook' format.
This is the first one, with some random stuff, castles, characters, etc.

Conceptual art from the game I'm working in

I was working on a new approach for making the backgrounds of my next game. Less real, more 'digital collage' style.

They're not actual moments of 'A King of Herbs' but just tests of how I would like to see the looking of my new game.

When surrealism doesn't work

Last post I said that something echoed in my head that made me change the introduction of A Rabbit Fable.
There was something very cryptic in the game that prevented people interpret more deeply what was going on in the game.

A Rabbit Fable New Animated Introduction

An open piece of art? eeeeh...yeah.
A lot of people played A Rabbit Fable and now is running a long tail of two hundred to four hundred players per day...which is good I think.
But I did something that is not economically acceptable, I spent 72 hours making a new introduction for a game that I have already released and I didn't make any money out of it.

Some sketches of 'herb kawaii people'

These are possible characters from our next game: 'King of Herbs'.
Herb people lives in the islands of Antennaria. Yes, pure grass and water's mythology.

Looking for middle age characters...

I'm sketching trying to find some characters for our next game 'A King of Herbs'. Some people said that the characters of our games are very flat and simplistic. Actually we intend to keep them as simple as can be, is part of the contrast with the background, and is far easier to animate it later.

A 'painting' from our next game.

This picture is a part of our next game that is going to be called 'King of Herbs'.
I don't know if showing parts of the next game is a spoiler or not, I think nobody is going to understand what's going on only with this picture.

A Rabbit Fable: how was made the swamp background in Photoshop

Here is a very short video of how this background was created with all the decisions and changes on the way.
I'm planning to do longer videos for the next game.
Comment if you like it or have any question!

I bought a Pinkullo

The other day I bought this wind instrument made in clay at a craft fair here in Buenos Aires. It's call Pinkullo, a kind of ethnical flaute from South American cultures.

New sketches for a new game

Now I'm taking a lot more time to design the story and the logic of the walkthrough. Last game was only one week, and now I'm taking about....3 weeks? but I dumped some scripts, and saved others to work on them in larger games.

The next game is still untitled...

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