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Items and objects for the game are ready


Graphic adventures has to types of objects: inventory items and objects in the scene. I have 19 objects, included all kind of states and combinations, for the first 4 screens. In the graphic you can see the inventory items for example.


This is the process and the numbers I tracked:

Character designs for the game are ready

As I'm trying to release the first part of the game (4 screens), I have the sound ready (I think...), now I  worked on the characters. There are going to be something like 13. Some of them are not very interactive, others appear just a moment.

This is the process and the numbers I tracked:

The game's sound is ready

For the first 4 screens of course.

They're 35 sounds (32 foley kind and 3 eventual kind).

I have already a ready-to-use library: a mix with some sounds that I've recorded in short-films I shot in my university days, and library sounds taken from many sources.

So this is the process that took me 6 hours (as I tracked).

I'm back developing the game!


After a long interlude (working for client "videogame" for Spain... still ending project), I'm back full of promises:

- I've remade the walkthrough of the first 4 screens.

The ugly truth

I must be honest: I've been a workaholic for about a month and a half, working on an educational videogame for Spain. I stopped the production for Antennaria's first videogame to work for a client and last week I worked 63 hours. I think it's been the most worked week of my life.

Random drawing

A "Wish you were here" postcard.

A random drawing while I'm programming...

Don't draw this when a psychologist ask you to draw a house.

Simple surreal background

This is another background I once drew. It's inspired by the 'A Piece of Phantasmagoria' series.

Other dimension backgrounds

Today I imagined a game with this kind of background and objects. It could be nice I think...I'm going to find a way to put this kind of imaginery in our games.

I didn't draw the right object, it's a prehistoric mask from North America (made by Mound Builders). I found it in a mythology book.

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