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New GUI work in progress

Hi everyone...here's a working progress of the new GUI.
You may be wondering if the mechanics have changed a lot...yes the have.
Now, the game is centered around the people, not the sea and it's more related with relationships between other people and objects.

The King and His Court

I wish I were a fancy king with a fancy kitty mug. Another scene.

(I must say he's not the king of herbs)

New background sketch: a village

Still working on pencil and simple photoshop of some backgrounds. It's more creatively consuming than technically challenging.

Slow pace...

First background almost finished

I've experimented a lot with the perspective, cameras, 3D objects, 2D objects, animations to reach to this point where I'm confident to say: this is how is going to be the game.

Still need details, sounds, ambient, but now I can continue with the next scene.

(actually this is the dull scene, the rest of the game is more like a magical mistery tour)

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