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A new background

I've done more than half of this game. Remains a lot of animations, all the sound and music, but I'm moving it forward and its feels to have more sense now that I have some playable parts.

I'm working on a shorter game.

That's it. The Island of Earthly Delights is a really big game to be my first videogame. I've finished the script (but not the walkthrough) and I need a lot of time to work on it. So I decided to try to make a shorter (very short indeed) videogame, release it for free and try to sponsor it. This new videogame has only 4 backgrounds, but a lot of animation I think.

Background creation [timelapse]

Simple surreal background

This is another background I once drew. It's inspired by the 'A Piece of Phantasmagoria' series.

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