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Giving life to a robot girl

Packing textures is like packing people sometimes.

This week I'm working on finishing the first background (it was a whole experimentation to make it work). And I'm going to try to setup the main character for running around. I'm using the Unity's 2D tools, I hope they work as expected.

So far the background looks good, but it's not ready to be shown.

Some sketches of 'herb kawaii people'

These are possible characters from our next game: 'King of Herbs'.
Herb people lives in the islands of Antennaria. Yes, pure grass and water's mythology.

Looking for middle age characters...

I'm sketching trying to find some characters for our next game 'A King of Herbs'. Some people said that the characters of our games are very flat and simplistic. Actually we intend to keep them as simple as can be, is part of the contrast with the background, and is far easier to animate it later.

Under the sea

Here are some sea characters for the intro scene (no, I didn't steal them from Yellow Submarine...it's only a bit of influence!! ).

And the good news are: I'm finishing the first part !! (no more than 4 scenes, but I think 1 hour of gameplay).

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