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Character designs for the game are ready

Character designs for the game are ready

As I'm trying to release the first part of the game (4 screens), I have the sound ready (I think...), now I  worked on the characters. There are going to be something like 13. Some of them are not very interactive, others appear just a moment.

This is the process and the numbers I tracked:

1- Draw in Photoshop with the graphic tablet over the backgrounds, where are going to be the characters. I try to be synthetic because then I'm going to animate them, no shadows, minimal details, just the silhouette, expression, posture. I intend to keep the Antennaria's style so I have my pencil sketches near to take some characters, or part of them, from. (3 hours). A lot may be...

2- Draw in illustrator: I use the images from the Photoshop to vectorize all the characters. I need to take care of cutting the parts that are going to be movable, and the visible parts in the animation (behind the arm for example). (2hours, 20 min). I hope to get better using Illustrator...

The averages:

Time: about 26 minutes each character (design, draw and vectorization)

Size: between 1,5kb and 2kb without any animation. For now it's not very mensurable as every character is going to has different animations.

by antipirina

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