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Conceptual art from the game I'm working in

Conceptual art from the game I'm working in

I was working on a new approach for making the backgrounds of my next game. Less real, more 'digital collage' style.

They're not actual moments of 'A King of Herbs' but just tests of how I would like to see the looking of my new game.

I must confess that I started to design the backgrounds with the same style as always, but I didn't felt fulfilled, so I decided to not work any longer on that and start looking for something new, something refreshing.

Is not easy to follow a script and solve visual problems while you still want to make it feel nice.

But in the way of trying to work effectively I need a balance between a fast developing and a nice feeling.

Tell me what you think...


by antipirina


Just played Rabbit Fable. LOVED it!!!!! Please keep making games! Cannot WAIT to play the rest of your games. :-))))))

Sigue así. El juego tiene buena pinta y todo lo que sea inovación enriqueze tanto al jugador tanto a ti como artista.
A rabbit fable fue una experiencia de juego emocionante....

¡Gracias Xam por tu comentario! Todavía estoy en la etapa de guionado y concepto del juego y cambió bastante desde que hice estas imágenes. En unos días voy a hacer un update de cómo sigue la cosa.

IT LOOKS GREAT! I've been SO amazed by your previous games and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS ONE TO BE OUT! :)

Thanks! It's going to take long time! But I plan to release little parts before.

Hi there!

I was just passing by and stopped to say two things.
First, the art is great just as usually. I really like the design you used previously in "A Rabbit Fable" and "The Island Of Earthly Delights".
However, the strange polygonal things in the backgrounds of the first two photos seem to be somewhat foreign to the rest of the scenery. Like someone just cut a photograph and glued the pieces into a drawn paysage.

Still I'm looking forward to playing a new game by you. Good luck!

Thanks a lot for commenting. I intentionally put those poligons because I want a "collage" style for the new game. I'm trying to change the style a bit, try new things and the "polygon" thing attracts me for the background and the characters. I'm still working on it...

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