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The game's sound is ready

The game's sound is ready

For the first 4 screens of course.

They're 35 sounds (32 foley kind and 3 eventual kind).

I have already a ready-to-use library: a mix with some sounds that I've recorded in short-films I shot in my university days, and library sounds taken from many sources.

So this is the process that took me 6 hours (as I tracked).

These are the steps:

1 - Library selection: I pick from the sounds library what I think I need, looking at the list of my developing Excel, and making some directories for it (1 hours, 20min)

2 - Record extra foley: I don't have some sounds, so I need to record them (mostly voices playing with some voice effects) (1 hours, 20min)

3 - Record/develop eventual sounds: some sounds need some 'dramatic' effects, so I take my little midi keyboard, a bunch of synths instruments, and I start playing with some sounds. (I don't know how to play the keyboard, but I keep it as simple as I can). (3 sounds, 1 hour)

4 - Edit and export: now I have al the raw material ready. I start mixing different sounds using some compressors, limiters, pitch shifters, reverbs (I try to avoid this one as you need longer times, so heavier files).Then I export each sound in mp3 ready for use. (35 sounds, 2 hours 10 min)

5 - Import all to flash: I create a FLA called soundFX.fla with all the sounds exported as one SWC (I can re-publish if I want at different compression settings all the sounds together). Then, as I work in Flex, I embed all the sounds in the main swf game (I think it has to be a better solution for this) (15 min) 

Total time: 6 hours (actual worked hours)

I don't know at this time as this is my first game, but I export all the sounds in mono 96kbps. They're going to be at the top of a good stereo quality music, the lack of frequencies can be not noticeable in the final mix inside the game.

The averages:

Time: about 10 minutes each foley sound, and 20 minutes each eventual sound.

Size: Each screen has about 182kb of foley and eventual sounds, I want to keep each screen an average of 700kb (with music, animations, background, etc). 

OK...It took me 40 minutes to write this post... thinking and writing in English is not for me for sure.

by antipirina

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