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I bought a Pinkullo

I bought a Pinkullo

The other day I bought this wind instrument made in clay at a craft fair here in Buenos Aires. It's call Pinkullo, a kind of ethnical flaute from South American cultures. More specific to the Tonocoté, Calchaquí and Kichua. It's tuned in an original scale and the color is given by smoke in a natural oven.

The man who sold me this piece of art is Kichua and he told me how to play the instrument. Actually was a very difficult to fulfill all the requirements he asked me. Then I notice that I can play it in a very different ways. What I understood then, is that he was trying to communicate me the ritual of the Kichuas, as this is a ritual instrument.

Here are some points I remember:

- Don't play it in any other way than standing.

- To play the bass, fill the instrument with a slow blow to the end of it.

- To play the treble, blow up and strong.

- The notes are played without interrupting the breath (leggato?).


So...this is my attempt to play it (of course I'm not a professional player)


What this has to do with my videogames? Well, this sound is just perfect for a part of my next game!

by antipirina

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