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I'm back developing My Little Humanity: first week

I'm back developing My Little Humanity: first week

Last Monday I started to develop My Little Humanity again with the new approach.

In case you don't know, My Little Humanity is a game that I've been developing during the last year until I reached a functional prototype. 

The prototype was ugly, it represented a nice idea bad implemented, not very interesting.

But it happen to be that in January I was selected by the Ministry of Culture of my country, Argentina, to receive some funds in order to finish my game.

I'm totally happy about it, and I've been redesigning the game mechanics in paper last January.

During this week I've been arranging how the parts and modules are going to be connected, what parts I can reuse, what other parts I had to throw away.

I wanted to refactor little by little, make a cleaning, but I opted to start from scratch, a much better approach.

Later I'm going to talk why last prototype failed and what I'm going to do about it, what are those ideas.

by antipirina

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