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I'm stuck on the story writing

I'm stuck on the story writing

I got a lot of thing to do for the game. Here is the list:

- Porting Earthly Delights for Air Mobile just to make it sure I'm working fine on how I currently manage the assets, and to stay calm about the cross-platform problem. (I'm really don't have to do this at this point of the development...this have to be after finish the game...bad for me...I have to rethink my priorities). This post has a very useful information. I think I can't apply everything in this game, but it's good to know some basic principles.

- As I'm thinking to release a demo for free to play in the web, and sell the game for win, mac and iOS, y have to make the engine adaptable to different screen resolutions.

- I worked the first part (now online) in a low resolution. For bigger screens now I'm going to export all to the 'native' resolution I've painted all the images.

- I have to learn about retina display for iPad 3. As I read it wasn't supported by Air until the last version. I hope I can release the game with that technology without problems.

- I still have to work on the UI fixed that all the people who played the game told me (they were quite annoyed...).

- Is there any way to export a native application for Mac and Windows from an Air application? I hope so. I don't want to rely on a third party software that barely do the job.

- Final code optimizations for graphics (the camera moves soooo badly....I have to learn how to move it soft, clear and with a good performance).

- Still need to work the load of the game. Right now it loads all the screens together at the beginning of the game. Very bad. Any mobile could explode if I do so.

- Adjust the animations of the first part as many people didn't understand what's going on at some parts or didn't have any clue of how to play.


Many many things....and.....

I'm stuck on writing the story!!

What you see in the picture is the net of concepts that appeared in all my draft from the beginning. I wrote a lot of things, I've drawn ugly maps, I've connect a lot of things. But it still need some basic scripting structures (I've linked a lot of stuff, and complicated all). I've studied that at the university, but still lost in some things.

And beside that...I'm working on a client project about a month or so.

May be I have to stop porting for mobile before releasing the desktop version... the fear controls me.

by antipirina

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