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I'm working on a shorter game.

I'm working on a shorter game.

That's it. The Island of Earthly Delights is a really big game to be my first videogame. I've finished the script (but not the walkthrough) and I need a lot of time to work on it. So I decided to try to make a shorter (very short indeed) videogame, release it for free and try to sponsor it. This new videogame has only 4 backgrounds, but a lot of animation I think. This Friday I'm finishing all the illustrations and I need about one and a half month or so to finish the animation and the sound. And then it still need some extra programing (I'm using the same Graphic Adventure Engine that I'm using with Earthly Delights) because I need some new features. So if my time is flat and continuous within about 2 month I can show you my new game!

by antipirina

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