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Items and objects for the game are ready

Items and objects for the game are ready


Graphic adventures has to types of objects: inventory items and objects in the scene. I have 19 objects, included all kind of states and combinations, for the first 4 screens. In the graphic you can see the inventory items for example.


This is the process and the numbers I tracked:

1- Draw in Photoshop or in a paper: the same as the character. I also take care of the colors of the objects depending on which scene is it.

2- Draw in illustrator: sometimes I skip the first step and I draw the item directly in Illustrator.

3- Import to flash: when I have the Illustrator ready with all objects, I start to import each object to each fla, and then put them inside the XML of the scene to describe its behavior. The XML is part of the engine I've programmed for the graphic adventure. (I hope it works).

Total time: 8hs 15 minutes (19 objects)


The averages:

Time: about 26 minutes each.

Size: it doesn't matter at this time, as the real size of the object depends on how many animations it has.

What's next?

So I have the sounds, characters, inventory items, and objects inside the game. The next things are:

- 6 animated dialogs (about 12 balloons)

- Program all the objects in XMLs and make the game playable without any animation.

- Make all the adjustments to the graphic adventure engine, as I don't think all It's going to work as I expected.

- Draw and animate the introduction (I have so much fear with this one...)

And then I'm going to be ready to animate every object and character... so much work, I want some holidays to the moon.

(31 minutes to write this post...I'm getting better with my ugly English).




by antipirina

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