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Load a swf Unity3D inside an Air for Mobile: not possible.

Load a swf Unity3D inside an Air for Mobile: not possible.

I was wondering if I could put some 3D content inside the game and still be playable inside the iPad.

After hours searching in Google I've found the answer: No, I can't.

I was suspecting that It wasn't possible due the weird mix of technologies and the limitations of the iPad processor. But my hope was the stage3D release for Air.

Unluckily the answer was on the forum of Unity by one of the developers:

"We are not actively working on Air for Mobile support; due to the constraints of the platform it's never going to be nearly as performant or efficient as just using our standard exporters for mobile platforms."


Hey...I was willing to mix the 2D of the game adventure with parts in 3D. I still can, but I have to give up releasing for iPad.

by antipirina

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HI,i just try download a SWF geberated by unity, and then i put it into a ADOBE AIR FOR ANDROID porject,and hit publish,it work perfect on PC side (the android simulator inside flash cs6),but when i publish it to my ANDROID PHONE,it show a "fatal error : null" on the top of the left corner...but wait a second!! the game will still showing up!! lol

however, it is too laggy for playing ,i dont think it is playable :(

but you guy can still make it for test and fun......

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