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Looking for middle age characters...

Looking for middle age characters...

I'm sketching trying to find some characters for our next game 'A King of Herbs'. Some people said that the characters of our games are very flat and simplistic. Actually we intend to keep them as simple as can be, is part of the contrast with the background, and is far easier to animate it later. More realistic is not better..actually tends to be worse for the artistic purposes.

by antipirina


For what my own opinion is worth: your game characters are perfect.

PS: the one with the walkman, that one I dont understand.

Thanks for commenting Novack. On purpose I put some elements in the world's design that doesn't fit with a closed imaginary as 'Middle Age' is. I feel richer to mix 'cliché' ideas, to put the player in an interpretation mode, not so comfortable with a finished concept.
May be too much Umberto Eco...or Cartoon Network's Adventure Time...

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