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A Self Interview About My Little Humanity

This is a self-interview with some questions I was asked the last few months by different people about this project, My Little Humanity, and some others I completely made up. I’m writing it for two reasons: to organize my ideas and to communicate the project’s status in a short, simple way. I previously did a series of manifestos that you can find here, and they proved very useful as an idea log. Now I find myself in another stage, so I’m going back to putting into words how’s the thing going.

Spanish version here.

This site have been down for several months


But may be not for long. As I it's much more confortable to post on tumblr than here, and this is out from a social network, it's hard to this post to get noticed.

I actually don't have much time for redoing the site in a tumblr, and I got my feelings with this one.

We'll see...

I'm back developing My Little Humanity: first week

Last Monday I started to develop My Little Humanity again with the new approach.

In case you don't know, My Little Humanity is a game that I've been developing during the last year until I reached a functional prototype. 

The prototype was ugly, it represented a nice idea bad implemented, not very interesting.

My Little Humanity is going to have a new approach

I haven't updated here an amazing news yet: My Little Humanity was funded by the Ministery of Culture of Argentina.

So, I'm going to work on it full time in the next several months.

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