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A system, an indie game, an experiment or educative stuff?

(or everything together)

As I commented last time, the game is a search for linking certain elements under the same metaphoric idea. As we play, the mechanics reveal itself and we begin to acknowledge the relationship between elements.

A game about 'paradigm shifts'

This is going to be a game where you play with 'dialectics'

'My Little Humanity', news from my new videogame

Hi everyone!

My last post was a long time ago, so here's a new update.

I've been working on another game for a while and I reached a point where I can show some stuff.

Little spark became a long idea

A Chinese Rabbit Fable...

Weird things happens: there is a walkthrough made in China. It's terribly weird listening the reaction of a Chinese player and a lot of people commenting over the video in that language.

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