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'A Rabbit Fable' is 90% ready.

After a lot of work on creating graphics, music and sound effects, as well as fine tuning the ugly Adventure Engine,

I'm stuck on the story writing

I got a lot of thing to do for the game. Here is the list:

Try out the beta of the first part of the game

Yes we finally release a part of the game. Indeed we did it secretly, last Friday, at some forums and with some people of our respect.

You can play it here

Now we got a lot of feedback, very homogeneous. This is what we got:

- Graphics, music, sound were good.

Engine To-Do List

OK, I'm still working on the engine...part time because of a client project that it's going to last about a week more. So I'm very slow with this...It's very difficult to be in focus and regular.

Here is my engine's to-do list:

- Debug the transitions between screens (very ugly code that need some refactor).

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