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This week's update

Needless to say, I didn't do everything I wanted for this week, so I need to break my promise of releasing the first 4 screens of the game.

This is what I have already:

- 4 backgrounds with the main character walking.

- All characters

- All sounds (need some extra recordings)

- Almost all programmed.

Update: Where was I?

I know, nobody's going to ask that question... in fact, nobody even knows who I am...

Well, I´m the man in the photograph, Antipirina, last Friday, at my graduation ceremony. I received my degree in Image and Sound Design from Universidad de Buenos Aires. In fact it's been 3 years
since my last exam, and bureaucracy is to blame.

Items and objects for the game are ready


Graphic adventures has to types of objects: inventory items and objects in the scene. I have 19 objects, included all kind of states and combinations, for the first 4 screens. In the graphic you can see the inventory items for example.


This is the process and the numbers I tracked:

I'm back developing the game!


After a long interlude (working for client "videogame" for Spain... still ending project), I'm back full of promises:

- I've remade the walkthrough of the first 4 screens.

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