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The ugly truth

I must be honest: I've been a workaholic for about a month and a half, working on an educational videogame for Spain. I stopped the production for Antennaria's first videogame to work for a client and last week I worked 63 hours. I think it's been the most worked week of my life.

Funny .com names

Name.com suggested some other names (similar to antennariagames.com) that we may have been interested in. They're really fantastic. Some surreal. Please don't buy ladystobaccogames.com as we're thinking to use it...

The beginning: inspiration for our website design.

These are some websites we liked during the design of our own.

Some of them are:




The beginning: our early utterly ugly web designs.

Then we waked up from the nightmare. As we've said with the logo, you need to take out the crap first to create something with value.

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