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'My Little Humanity', news from my new videogame

'My Little Humanity', news from my new videogame

Hi everyone!

My last post was a long time ago, so here's a new update.

I've been working on another game for a while and I reached a point where I can show some stuff.

Little spark became a long idea

This is not a game like the others I'm making or made before, but it's more an experimental thing that a long time ago I wanted to do and one night I felt inspired with a concrete idea.



I worked till 3AM drafting the idea.

Then for some weeks, every weekend I've been creating the game on a diagram, combining the objects, properties, adjusting the dependencies, etc.



Then I had to start all over again to have a second version more polished.

What's this videogame about?

For long time I had tons of conversations with previous generation people with a *very* different mindset, and I found myself very frustrated trying to explain WHY I choose not to wear a suit, WHY I choose to be against the excesses of the capitalism, WHY I don't like exclusive stuff, WHY I don't want to drive an expensive car, etc.

So this game is an answer trying to explain that every generation has different needs, so we create different culture based on what we feel is right for the world we're living in.

But when most people get older, they stop to learn new things from the world, they see the world as if it were the same as before. And they stop to understand WHY the next generations do all this 'shit' to the world.

Enough for today! Next time I'll tell you more about this game. :)

by antipirina

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