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My Little Humanity video gameplay

My Little Humanity video gameplay

See video

Last Tuesday was the first presentation of My Little Humanity videogame with a fresh look, at the Buenos Aires University. Good reception, I'm happy with that.

I worked on a minimal concept, and now I'm still working on the code stuff.

by antipirina


Its really great news for video game lover.Hope you will be success .
Thanks@UGA games Columbus, Ohio

And what is with THE KING OF HERBS?

Hi! Thanks for asking: King of Herbs is 90% designed on paper (and a working scene working on PC and iPad) , but is going to be a very long process (may be 1.5 year). So, I opted for making this little game before going for the big one.

This is what I got so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qemezaBD_Qk (with a music by musicians that are going to make it).

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