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New sketches for a new game

New sketches for a new game

Now I'm taking a lot more time to design the story and the logic of the walkthrough. Last game was only one week, and now I'm taking about....3 weeks? but I dumped some scripts, and saved others to work on them in larger games.

The next game is still untitled...

by antipirina


What is with The Island of Earthly Delights. Don't you work anymore on this game. I was so excited to play it.

No, sorry, this is another game. I worked a lot on the The Island of Earthly Deligths's story, but I want to make it better. It's a very large game and I need to make shorter ones in order to get experienced and learn. Earthly Delights was a failed game because of the puzzles, so I have to do it again from the beginning and finish it. That would take me about 2 years...so that's why I prefer to try and fail in shorter games.

How sad to wait for so long. But I like your other game as well and of course your whole work. Hope to play more of your stuff soon.

Sorry, actually I didn't say it before, but I planed to make a group of games to be recreated in the same world. So, The Island of Earthly Delights is just a moment and a place in that world. Next game (I'm calling it now King of Herbs) is placed in another island, but the same kind of characters. I hope people like it like it did with The Island of Earthly Delights.

Woah! You're a very talented artist. I'm really impressed.

Thank you Owl! I steal everywhere!

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