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My Little Humanity video gameplay

Last Tuesday was the first presentation of My Little Humanity videogame with a fresh look, at the Buenos Aires University. Good reception, I'm happy with that.

First background almost finished

I've experimented a lot with the perspective, cameras, 3D objects, 2D objects, animations to reach to this point where I'm confident to say: this is how is going to be the game.

Still need details, sounds, ambient, but now I can continue with the next scene.

(actually this is the dull scene, the rest of the game is more like a magical mistery tour)

A Rabbit Fable New Animated Introduction

An open piece of art? eeeeh...yeah.
A lot of people played A Rabbit Fable and now is running a long tail of two hundred to four hundred players per day...which is good I think.
But I did something that is not economically acceptable, I spent 72 hours making a new introduction for a game that I have already released and I didn't make any money out of it.

'A Rabbit Fable' is 90% ready.

After a lot of work on creating graphics, music and sound effects, as well as fine tuning the ugly Adventure Engine,

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