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Scripting Night

Scripting Night


OK. I've been away for a long time... and I'm still going to be working in another client project for a while. I have very little time to continue with the first videogame, but I have promised me to live doing videogames. My own videogames.

So, despite of the lot of work that concerns making a videogame, I've done a whole adventure videogame engine, and I sweated to make it work correctly. I'm half way to make the game happen.

In the meanwhile (while I'm still working on client projects) I'm thinking how the story could be, how It continues until the end of it. It could be audacious to start thinking the other ....6 games while I didn't finished the first part of the first one. But....

But I feel writing the story give me courage and enthusiasms, and push me to finish the first game.

The photo tells a great moment of ''''creativity''''''.

This is a draft of the story premise:

Its about a simple fisherman who finds himself stranded in a group of islands after experiencing shipwreck. Traveling along, he finds inconsistences in time and space that transforms the landscape and the people in a fantastical way. But that brings some problems too...

A little weak at the last part...but... I'm still working on this... It's raining! better.

by antipirina


When is you game coming out madafacaaaaaaaaaa???

Haha, this is the first comment I've received ever in this site (and the first insult).

OK, you're right...I've been working too much on client projects...I have to finish the game before the FlashPlayer disappears from the market.

Now (January, February and March) are the downtime of (my) client projects. So...I have to put a bomb under my desk, that explode in March if I didn't finish the game. I can use an Arduino for that. And If I survive I can write a book about my experience of GTD.


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