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Seth Godin: some words about creativity.

Seth Godin: some words about creativity.

 Seth Godin's is an Internet Marketing Guru... or something like that, I follow the blog for about two years. I hate the standard marketing concept, but as I understood his vision I started to visualize the marketing as a great thing, I think is still part of any work of art, the extra point is that is used to make money. But, the great difference between a regular marketing guru an him, is that he don't tell you how to make millions, he constantly point that is mandatory to do a great job with your product for the people and to make a living with something that you like, is good enough. But difficult thought.

In the today's post, he writes about creativity and some ideas about why, in the way to be creative, need to follow. In a nutshell, you have to be a curious person, you have to be interested in many things different than your main activity. Then you can combine them in a certain work (a story, a new product, a painting, etc), you have a nurtured a vision, you have something to say.

Nothing new...but I never heard someone to speak about creativity and the need of culture in the propose of making marketing. It doesn't sound pragmatic for someone who wants to be rich from one day to another.

Take a look: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2011/08/bypassing-the-leap.html

by antipirina

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