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Doing 3D stuff...

These are some of my work's stills . It's been a almost a month that I don't update, but I continue working on this fulltime. Sometimes is more technical stuff, that's why I have nothing to say (but technical stuff...).

King of Herbs: sketchbook vol. 13

Bizarre, surrealistic characters. I could live in a town packed with them. I love them and some of them love me. Others just ignores me.
Again...this was just a free association. Some of these characters are may going to be in the game...and some not.

King of Herbs: sketchbook vol. 11

This is a better aproach to what I want for the castle.
Some part of the beginning, an underground river, and a little image that triggered me the final part of the game.

King of Herbs: sketchbook vol. 10

Kawaii characters. I draw them some time ago but I want to put them here.

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