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King of Herbs: sketchbook vol. 9

This time in the sketchbook some antique idols (copied just as they are).
Also I picked the 'cat eye' and I tried it in different characters (included a pair taken-stolen from Adventure Time)

King of Herbs: sketchbook vol. 8

A castle...I don't know if I'm going to use it or not for the game.
Some items...they can give me ideas for ingame puzzles. Some of them are copied from antique cultures and I put my 'naïf' touch to change them.

King of Herbs: sketchbook vol. 6

I already posted these characters before, but they're are part of the series of 'sketchbooks' so, I want to put them here again. I hope you like them (but a lot of them are not going to be in the game, it's just a conceptual aproach).

King of Herbs: sketchbook vol. 5

Looking for a kind of not cliché middle age characters. It's difficult (even if you put a Mickey smoking).

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