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Some sketches of 'herb kawaii people'

Some sketches of 'herb kawaii people'

These are possible characters from our next game: 'King of Herbs'.
Herb people lives in the islands of Antennaria. Yes, pure grass and water's mythology.
What actually I'm doing is redesigning the first part of A Rabbit Fable (while I'm working on client projects...). A Rabbit Fable worked good but is too bizarre for the people, I what them to read more deeply its meaning, though is my fault to be so cryptic. The first part was a little rough an long.
In some days I'll release a new version of A Rabbit Fable, more polished.
While King of Herbs is on process, I sketched all the backgrounds and objects and I have the puzzle almost ready. Now I'm working on the character's design (as the image above illustrates).
Last week I was working too on porting our Adventure Engine to different platforms including PC, MAC and iOS. I want King of Herbs to be playable in many platforms. The most difficult part it dealing with different screen sizes and vector animations that eats all the performance.

by antipirina

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