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Still programming the Adventure Engine

Still programming the Adventure Engine

These are thing I didn't learn:

1. Don't start making an Engine for your first game. I did.

2. Don't make a big game. Well...it's a whole graphic adventure with ~12 screens.

3. Don't do everything yourself. I'm programming, drawing, writing, recording sound, animating...I hope someone can make the music...

4. Stay focused with one thing. I try...but the last three weeks I needed to update my life (family, health care, computers, ubuntus...I still have a life...).

5. Don't start polishing your game until it's almost finished. I'm polishing because of fearing the failure...but it's getting better!

But I did follow other rules...I'm not totally out.

So I'm still programming the Graphic Adventure Engine, I had to script the camera movement. But I need to redesign the whole class, and that got me stuck.

OK...I stop procrastinating and start working (and still need to call a dentist...)


Image based on The Cardplayers (1917) by Fernand Léger.

by antipirina

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