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A system, an indie game, an experiment or educative stuff?

A system, an indie game, an experiment or educative stuff?

(or everything together)

As I commented last time, the game is a search for linking certain elements under the same metaphoric idea. As we play, the mechanics reveal itself and we begin to acknowledge the relationship between elements.

In this system / game there're  phrases, people, time, ideologies, a political compass like radar, decisions and (historical) events.

Every game is a system, but not every system is a game

With this future game, maybe I ask myself about the subjectivity of what we call game to something that doesn't amuse (or maybe it's not the goal).

Possibly I think it as an educative game

It's not the scripted content, I mean, the graphics, texts, etc. but the actual system that the player reveal to herself while she is playing, that makes it educative. The back and forth generated by the elements 'force' to think about the system itself. And that's why so many games are educative, it's not about scripted content, it's about acknowledging the element's relationships.

About the pic

In a still provisional graph, here I show that by moving the mouse over each little person who's in ​​the boat (they should all be different) we can see in a radar (such as an ideological map), his brain, on the other hand a text balloon with a representative sentence of his thought. (now in Spanish)

by antipirina

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