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Things we've learned

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The experience after showcasing the game

A month ago My Little Humanity (what I got so far of it) was showcased at a local cultural expo. Lots of people, many games. My game was part of a selection of what it's called 'art games' by a gallery called 'Game On!'. This was my experience.

Why the first prototype failed

I have tried many ways to see how to "solve" the first prototype in order to transmit the idea best.

But first I had to realize what was largely failing.

In a few points:

- The players didn't understand what was happening.

- The feedback was not clear when the player was making a decision, the system was taking a long time to respond.

When surrealism doesn't work

Last post I said that something echoed in my head that made me change the introduction of A Rabbit Fable.
There was something very cryptic in the game that prevented people interpret more deeply what was going on in the game.

Load a swf Unity3D inside an Air for Mobile: not possible.

I was wondering if I could put some 3D content inside the game and still be playable inside the iPad.

After hours searching in Google I've found the answer: No, I can't.

I was suspecting that It wasn't possible due the weird mix of technologies and the limitations of the iPad processor. But my hope was the stage3D release for Air.

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