our videogame's workshop

Things we've learned

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Try out the beta of the first part of the game

Yes we finally release a part of the game. Indeed we did it secretly, last Friday, at some forums and with some people of our respect.

You can play it here

Now we got a lot of feedback, very homogeneous. This is what we got:

- Graphics, music, sound were good.

Still programming the Adventure Engine

These are thing I didn't learn:

1. Don't start making an Engine for your first game. I did.

2. Don't make a big game. Well...it's a whole graphic adventure with ~12 screens.

Videogame project: What I learned up to now

This is my first reflection here about my experience of trying to complete an Indie videogame.

As I'm working on the first Antennaria's game, I found these points useful and I still need to learn about them:

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