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Try out the beta of the first part of the game

Try out the beta of the first part of the game

Yes we finally release a part of the game. Indeed we did it secretly, last Friday, at some forums and with some people of our respect.

You can play it here

Now we got a lot of feedback, very homogeneous. This is what we got:

- Graphics, music, sound were good.

- The atmosphere is well recreated.

- The intro and animations in general are ok.

- But! there is no clue of what to do. I think only one person (without the walkthrough) could finish the game.

- The puzzles are very random, promotes the player to try everything with everything. And that's boring.

In short: the game looks great, but it's totally boring.

So, what are we going to do?

- A tutorial: a character at the beginning who guides you with the first steps.

- Less screens: one screen is doesn't needed until the end, so we are going to block it (someway in the script) until is needed.

- Visual clues: some objects are a little bit hidden. We are thinking to animate something subtle in the object, to call some attention.

In conclusion: there is a fine line between belittle the player with a lot of clues, and leave the player in a random world.

We got to work on this!


by antipirina


Antipirina, hello,

Two more comments and then I will be quiet :)

For me, as a player, The Island of Earthly Delights is not a failure.
It kept me engaged with the story and thinking in a new way - I had to learn how to think in the fashion of this alien place that is very different from my own world.

In another way it was a success because all the components worked. The cursor went where I wanted it to go, the music played when it was supposed to, the characters moved where they were supposed to, and all the interactive bits did their interactive things without problems. The screens changed when they were supposed to and the text opened and closed and had the correct text in the speech bubbles.
The introduction that you added later was a good idea; it helped me to understand the back story and the animation was not too slow or too fast, the images clear and well scripted.

How you do the credits in the detailed frame is also nice. So many times I play games and have no idea who made them, or the music or any other information.

For all of this, you have been successful. Perfectionism is always a hard task master, but it takes its servant to places that few can dare to dream of. These places I am sure that you will reach.

I am so happy for your first prize, congratulations is well deserved.
Indeed, may it be the first of many.

Thanks again for your comments! It's difficult to sail in the sea of making something a put it on the internet, so it's always nice that someone gives you some words to make you feel confident. It push me more to make my new game! Thanks again!!


I liked The Island of Earthly Delights part one.
It was difficult, challenging to figure what to do with what item.

If you want to provide some clues for players, why not make the tip of the cursor glow with a small halo when it hovers over something that needs attention or can interact with the character or another object.

I enjoy the backgrounds used in these types of games, and the point n click play.
Music is fantastic.
The angry gardener raised a smile.

Yes, I also did not need a walkthrough, but then I am probably the oldest gamer on the net. I am 77.

I will return and play your other games.

It is astounding what you guys can do!

I wish you all success and that Happiness finds you often.


I really liked to read your comment Syxx. I came this night from winning the first prize for an artistic contest and seeing your comment was perfect to close this night. I'm fulfilled.
Yes, you're for sure the oldest player on the net, even to my grandmother (3 years older than you) I can't show my videogames, she doesn't understand what I do. So I'm very happy that you have the patience for The Island of Earthly Delights, it was my very first videogame and it was a totally failure. It is very hard to solve the puzzles and I left it unfinished.
My second game is 'A Rabbit Fable' and tonight I won a prize in a contest for that game. Is a little more logical but still has some weird puzzles. It talks about job burnout (that I actually have) and then it goes for a surrealistic story (or fable).
I'm thankful again for your comment!
good night!

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