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Two new screenshots of my point and click adventure game!

Two new screenshots of my point and click adventure game!

The game now looks more like a point and click:

- I've worked on the Inventory, now it's fully functional: you can use objects, combine one each other, and a little tag that describes what you've selected.

- Save and Load a game: the second image shows the little window where you can save a game. With the other button you can load it (working with Shared Object)

- Header and interface: I designed the header thinking on something not intrusive.

- Optimization: I've optimized the code to be lighter for the memory and now the game performs better!

(I'm showing always the same background as I don't want to reveal every part of the game)

OK that took me about a month and a half in between different client projects. Now I'm empty of time, I have more than two months full of work... I'm going to do my best to find the time to continue and release the first part (the code is almost finished, I have to do many animations in fact). In the meanwhile I'm going to continue posting indie art in the indie blog!

by antipirina

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