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Update: Where was I?

Update: Where was I?

I know, nobody's going to ask that question... in fact, nobody even knows who I am...

Well, I´m the man in the photograph, Antipirina, last Friday, at my graduation ceremony. I received my degree in Image and Sound Design from Universidad de Buenos Aires. In fact it's been 3 years
since my last exam, and bureaucracy is to blame.

So, I've worked all weekend to catch up with the lost day and tried to live up to my promises. But sadly I've found a lot of bugs in my little graphic adventure engine. Not really big ones, but I could only program 2 screens out of 4. What's already done performs well, but I still need to animate all characters.

Being a one man developer, animator, illustrator and sound designer is not easy. It's fulfilling but really hard and time consuming.

And even worse, I need to learn how to develop applications for Ipad for a children book game (client project). All this is choking my indie spirit... and delaying the development of my game. I won't be able to release the first part of the game next week. But looking at the bright side, I'm learning how to deploy for mobile, and this knowledge will eventually be used for Antennaria games.

So I'll go on programing the walkthrough and debugging the unfinished graphic adventure engine,
saving the animations for last.

by antipirina

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