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This week's update

This week's update

Needless to say, I didn't do everything I wanted for this week, so I need to break my promise of releasing the first 4 screens of the game.

This is what I have already:

- 4 backgrounds with the main character walking.

- All characters

- All sounds (need some extra recordings)

- Almost all programmed.

Most of the time of this week was,


25 hours actually, and still need some work (I don't know how many as all the bugs appears suddenly), and for some moments if felt


of a never ending project... at the beginning of it.

Can you imagine how it's feel when you have a big list of errors, some unknown behaviors (that you can't put in the list), and all the animations to do.

It feels like following an obscure path alone, naked, with only an axe, and you need to build a bridge with the right trees to build a bridge to cross the river of desperation, before sunrise.

(and the image shows how Flash CS5 handle my animations by the bone tool... just a pain in the neck).

What's next?

- Still need some work to do with the engine. (3 days more at least)

- The remaining of the walkthrough (1 day more... tomorrow maybe)

- All the animations (6 days)

- The intro (1 or 2 days)

- Some details and adjustments (2 days)

14 days total.

(that's more what I expected at the beginning with all the task... I think this is more real may be).

by antipirina

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