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When surrealism doesn't work

When surrealism doesn't work

Last post I said that something echoed in my head that made me change the introduction of A Rabbit Fable.
There was something very cryptic in the game that prevented people interpret more deeply what was going on in the game.
I think surrealism is great because you're in the edge of nonsense, but also you can say something very profound in the language of the dreams, that I think is how the unconscious understands things.
But it doesn't work at all if the person you're telling your dream doesn't know anything about you. They can't connect it to your and their reality.
In a piece of art, surrealistic or not, I think it's important for the people to connect that 'fantasy' to their life. If they can't, It may fall to an evasive entertainment.
That's why there is an office in the intro...that's why Narnia begins with the WWII, Alice in Wonderland start with a boring garden, even if it's not this world, it's something familiar.
The photo illustrates the hard time making the soundtrack for the intro...yes is not as easy at it seems. I was telling a story with constructive music and then I have to animate all of it.
Actually It took me around 70 hours (all tracked) to make all the animation with the music...a lot.

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