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Why the first prototype failed

Why the first prototype failed

I have tried many ways to see how to "solve" the first prototype in order to transmit the idea best.

But first I had to realize what was largely failing.

In a few points:

- The players didn't understand what was happening.

- The feedback was not clear when the player was making a decision, the system was taking a long time to respond.

- The decisions she made were subject to a random subjectivity: the player had to guess which political tendency a sentence belonged and is not necessarily obvious.

- It had no useful data on the screen.

- There wasn't a clear mission or a target to reach with the ship.


The failed first approach

The game ended like this because of my first approach: I wanted a game with few controls, free of many visual elements, in which anyone can go looking for her intellectual center answering questions with binary responses. My theory was that being a game with a base in social sciences, the form should also be soft, inaccurate, but with a sense of trend, without numbers.


Eventually I had to start showing more data

And I move away not only from the first approach, but also 'I messed' the beginning, was neither one thing nor the other, but the game showed not very useful data

In short, my inexperience in developing game mechanics result in an unsuccessful experiment. It's difficult to create soft mechanics, where our actions and system responses are not entirely clear as it happens in reality. I guess, to continue with this approach it needs another world construction, where the player is willing to participate in an unfinished world, and may even work as a background game mechanic, with another type of more usual mechanic in the front.

I possibly try again sometime this creative process in game mechanics, but not with this game.

Visually busy

Also, lately, some guys from the TIG forum pointed me that when you are near the ship, it gets cluttered very fast. I'll see what can I do.

by antipirina

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