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A Chinese Rabbit Fable...

Weird things happens: there is a walkthrough made in China. It's terribly weird listening the reaction of a Chinese player and a lot of people commenting over the video in that language.

And once again...working on a new story.

While 'A Rabbit Fable' it's been spreaded in a lot of game portals...I'm working on new possible ideas for the next game. I'm trying to keep it short, that's the most difficult part.

'A Rabbit Fable' game is ready.

It's the first time that I can say this: 'I finished a game'.

After some testing (photo) and polishing last week, now It's ready to be released.

'A Rabbit Fable' is 90% ready.

After a lot of work on creating graphics, music and sound effects, as well as fine tuning the ugly Adventure Engine,

A new background

I've done more than half of this game. Remains a lot of animations, all the sound and music, but I'm moving it forward and its feels to have more sense now that I have some playable parts.

I'm working on a shorter game.

That's it. The Island of Earthly Delights is a really big game to be my first videogame. I've finished the script (but not the walkthrough) and I need a lot of time to work on it. So I decided to try to make a shorter (very short indeed) videogame, release it for free and try to sponsor it. This new videogame has only 4 backgrounds, but a lot of animation I think.

I'm stuck on the story writing

I got a lot of thing to do for the game. Here is the list:

Load a swf Unity3D inside an Air for Mobile: not possible.

I was wondering if I could put some 3D content inside the game and still be playable inside the iPad.

After hours searching in Google I've found the answer: No, I can't.

I was suspecting that It wasn't possible due the weird mix of technologies and the limitations of the iPad processor. But my hope was the stage3D release for Air.

Try out the beta of the first part of the game

Yes we finally release a part of the game. Indeed we did it secretly, last Friday, at some forums and with some people of our respect.

You can play it here

Now we got a lot of feedback, very homogeneous. This is what we got:

- Graphics, music, sound were good.

Under the sea

Here are some sea characters for the intro scene (no, I didn't steal them from Yellow Submarine...it's only a bit of influence!! ).

And the good news are: I'm finishing the first part !! (no more than 4 scenes, but I think 1 hour of gameplay).

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