A little experiment about changing the little humans’ fates by spreading their political ideas.

It was going to be longer, by seeing how the ship changes physically and the places you go, allowing you to interact with new mechanics. But I prefered to keep it small.

[DOWNLOAD] – Spanish and English

[OST] by Makunouchi Bento

Antennaria Games is an independent videogame development studio based in Argentina, creating games inspired by  nature, mystery and dreams.

My Little Humanity

A month ago My Little Humanity (what I got so far of it) was showcased at a local cultural expo. Lots of people, many games. My game was part of a selection of what it’s called ‘art games’ by a gallery called ‘Game On!’. This was my experience.

This is a self-interview with some questions I was asked the last few months by different people about this project, My Little Humanity, and some others I completely made up. I’m writing it for two reasons: to organize my ideas and to communicate the project’s status in a short, simple way. I previously did a series of manifestos that you can find here, and they proved very useful as an idea log. Now I find myself in another stage, so I’m going back to putting into words how’s the thing going.